Subsea Umbilical Termination Assemblies

Deepsea Technologies, Inc. (DTI) has developed various designs for SUTAs and SDUs to accommodate client’s field architecture philosophy and comply with project requirements for umbilical termination, deployment, installation and in-field operations of the control system, chemical injection, and intervention operations.

DTI engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in the entire development cycle from concept through analysis of various loading scenarios to the manufacturing and installation support required to ensure general standards and client specifications are met. With full capability to design, manufacture, assemble, test and support installation, Deepsea Technologies can provide unique solutions regarding SUTAs and SDUs that can be customized to fit client’s needs regarding hosting structure features such as fixed mud mat, stab-and-hinge over mud mat, or vertical connection at seabed.

DTI can develop and deliver turnkey solutions for SUTAs and SDUs including systems addressing umbilical termination and distribution of hydraulics, electrical, fiber optics, and chemical lines.

The design of the equipment always takes into consideration critical aspects of umbilical manufacturing, storage, or installation on reels or carousels, over boarding through vessel installation spread, and other logistical aspects when getting SUTAs and SDUs from factory to seabed.

With in-house fabrication and coating capabilities, DTI controls all critical stages of execution from concept to delivery. Safety, quality and on-time delivery are our main objectives when executing projects to meet our client’s expectations.

Additionally, DTI provides other components utilized on Subsea Controls Distribution Systems such as:

  • Hydraulic and Electrical Flying Leads
  • Logic Systems / Caps
  • Deployment Systems for Flying Leads and other components
  • Umbilical Clamps, Termination Hardware, and others