Steel Tube Flying Leads (SFL)

Some great-looking Steel Tube Flying Leads (SFL) was designed, built, and tested by Deepsea Technologies Inc in the final stages of preparation for deployment for a project in the Gulf Of Mexico.  The SFLs incorporate cobra heads design and are built in-house by Deepsea Technologies. We utilized our in-house Reel Drive System (RDS) and reels to spool and assemble these SFL’s for deployment.  Qur RDS is available for rental for your next installation. Contact us for your subsea distribution and installation needs.  Visit our products page for more information


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Diverless Bend Stiffener Connectors

Deepsea Technologies Inc. recently completed engineering and manufacturing three of our patented Diverless Bend Stiffener Connectors for a large project in the Gulf of Mexico. These Diverless Bend Stiffener Connectors are fitted with our automatic pull head release mechanism providing a fully automatic mechanical pull in operation with all ROV interfaces off the critical path. In addition, these three connectors had to be custom engineered to reduce the overall height for the specific project requirements.

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New Partnership

Deepsea Technologies is excited to announce a new partnership between our Brazil operations and Forum Energy Technologies. In this representative partnership, Deepsea Technologies will provide engineering support, business development, service, repair, upgrades, and modifications to Forum Energy Technologies ROV fleet including any associated tooling. We look forward to growing our product offerings through this partnership to all our South American clients.

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2”-15K Subsea flood and test pig receiver (FTR) assembly

Deepsea Technologies Inc (DTI) has just completed the delivery of a 15,000 PSI pre-commissioning subsea flood and test pig receiver (FTR) assembly.  Fully engineered and manufactured by DTI, the FTR assembly gives our customers the ability to flood, hydro test, and dewater their pipeline prior to commissioning the project.  This unit incorporates Deepsea Technologies 2”-15K high-pressure high flow ROV hot stabs and receptacles. Deepsea Technologies has a long track record of supplying subsea pig launchers and receivers in multiple different sizes and pressures.

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Project award of Drill Pipe Risers (DPR)

Deepsea Technologies has been awarded by Oceaneering a contract to provide Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of equipment to be used on Drill Pipe Risers (DPR) in the oshore waters of Brazil expected to deploy by Q4 2019. The contract is supported by project management, engineering, procurement, and QHSE eorts from both Houston and Brazil operations which are committed to adhering to high levels of safety, quality, delivery and cost competitiveness in order to exceed customer expectations. Felipe Lamego, Deepsea Technologies do Brazil’s General Manager says, “We are committed to providing long-term support to our Brazil operations and all our customers in the region”.

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