Deepsea Technologies, Inc. (DTI) engineers and manufactures a wide range of products and equipment used in subsea oil & gas field development projects. We have been in business since 2001 and our quality system is ISO 9001: 2015. Our customers include a number of oil & gas majors and independents, tree & wellhead manufacturers, drilling companies, installation companies and other service contractors. The Company’s products and equipment have been used in projects in the US Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, the North Sea, West Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

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Deepsea Technologies

Our headquarters is located within a 10-acre facility in northwest Houston, TX.  At this location, our Houston engineering staff oversee the design and manufacture of equipment used in subsea field development projects and offshore applications.

WW Industries

WW Industries was established in the late 1970’s to provide fabrication services to the oil & gas and petrochemical industries and was acquired by Deepsea Technologies in 2014. WW is a certified supplier of water treatment systems, lube and fuel oil modules and other turnkey operating systems for power manufacturing facilities.

P&M Blasting and Coating

P&M Blasting and Coating provides sandblasting and coating services to the oil & gas, petrochemical, construction and general manufacturing industries.  P&M was established in 1985 and wholly acquired by Deepsea Technologies in 2014.

Deepsea Technologies Engineering (India)

Established in 2010 to provide engineering, design, drafting and FEA support to Deepsea Technologies in Houston, TX.

Deepsea Technologies Manufacturing (India)

In 2018 the Rohini Engineering Works in Hyderabad was acquired by Deepsea Technologies after supporting the Company for more than 10 years with quality machined products, assembly and QC services. DMD is certified to ISO 9001: 2015.

Emval Deepsea Technologies (Joint Venture)

Emval Deepsea Technologies is a joint venture providing engineering and manufacturing services for local content.

Bizworth Oil & Gas (Sales Representative)

In 2014 Deepsea Technologies expanded its ability to service subsea field development projects worldwide by entering into a representative agreement with Bizworth Oil & Gas to act as DTI’s agents in the Malaysian market.

Deepsea Technologies Brazil

In January of 2019 Deepsea Technologies Brazil was established to serve the needs of our customers in Brazil.

Quality Policy

DEEPSEA TECHNOLOGIES is a company that operates nationally and internationally, offering solutions and services such as project development, manufacturing, and maintenance of equipment and tools for the Oil and Gas industry.
Deepsea Technologies establishes a commitment:
• Deepsea Technologies establishes a commitment to recognize and evaluate business opportunities;
• Meet the expectations of our customers and ensure the requirements applicable to the qualification of suppliers ensuring continuous improvement of our processes and services;
• Maintain constant professional development, qualifying our staff;
• Promote safety and environmental operations to work in the processes of engineering, manufacturing, and equipment maintenance.

Download Quality Policy
Download Quality Policy

Deepsea Technologies UK

Deepsea Technologies provides a wide range of engineered solutions to the offshore and onshore energy sectors. We have over 30 years of experience supplying bespoke technologies, including diverless connectors, compact flanges (Taper-Lok®), subsea structures, subsea controls, umbilical equipment, bend stiffener connectors, ROV tooling, and much more. Our agile business, field-proven products, and experienced team have supported the successful installation of various fast-track projects around the world. Combined with our operations in the US, Brazil, and India, the Deepsea Technologies group has the ability to engineer and manufacture products in close proximity to customers globally.



Humble beginnings

In May Deepsea Technologies (DTI) was incorporated by Sanjay Reddy to provide engineering, consulting and manufacturing services to the oil and gas industry. The first products sold are Subsea Umbilical Equipment and Installation Equipment.

Product Line

DTI Subsea Intervention Tooling designs are developed leading to a product line that would grow to include a full range of ROV Hot Stabs, Valve Operators, and Torque Tool Buckets.

New Products

Subsea Flowline Equipment joins the list of products offered by DTI.

Special Equipment Addition

DTI designs and produces a Hyperbaric Test Chamber, the first of many Special Purpose Equipment projects the Company will undertake.

Patented Product

The patented DTI Bend Stiffener Connector (BSC) is sold and installed in the Gulf of Mexico, leading DTI into the production of Subsea Umbilical Equipment.

New Products

Flow Assurance equipment is produced including the first DTI Subsea Pig Launcher

New Products

DTI produces its first IWOCS equipment

New Location

Deepsea Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. Is established.


DTI acquires WW Industries and P&M Blasting and Coating and establishes a world headquarters on a 10 acre facility in northwest Houston.

New Products

Managed Pressure Drilling Controls Equipment is added to the product offerings


DTI acquires Rohini Engineering Works in Hyderabad, India and forms Deepsea Technologies Manufacturing Division.

New Location

DTI forms Deepsea Technologies Brazil, Ltda in Serra, Brazil.

World wide coverage


Deepsea Brazil - New Partnership

Forum Energy Technologies has announced that it has entered into a partnership with Deepsea Technologies Equipamentos Industriais Ltda (Deepsea Technologies) to represent its operations in Brazil as part of the business’ long-term growth strategy in South America.