MPD Umbilical Reels

Deepsea Technologies, Inc. manufactures a variety of umbilical reel designs to support subsea operations. These include, but are not limited to, reels for IWOCs systems, DPR and MPD systems. Deepsea Technologies has standard product line systems as well as custom engineered systems to meet ever changing customer needs.

Systems can be offered as complete systems with HPUs and various sheave arrangements or as stand-alone reels for customer supplied umbilicals.

The Umbilical Reels are designed and manufactured in-house including fabrication, coating, assembly and testing.

Design Features include:

  • Water depths up to 10,000 ft
  • Failsafe brakes
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic drive systems
  • User controlled level-wind systems
  • Adjustable umbilical payout angles
  • Local and remote controls
  • Multi-function hydraulic control
  • Stab Plate configurations
  • Hydraulic multi-port swivels
  • Electric slip rings
  • DNV and ABS certification


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