Long Term Pressure Caps & Intervention Tools

Long-Term Pressure Cap Panels (LTPCs) are designed to be left in place on headers until flowline jumpers are connected to these headers in the later stages of field development.

LTPCs designed to be installed subsea using a Connector Activating Tool. The panel consists of a main bore valve (typically 1” nominal) along with other valves for chemical injection or hydration remediation purposes.  High flow hot stabs (1”-10K) designed by DTI are also included for ROV intervention along with a seal test line for verification of the hub connection after installation subsea.

Design loads for the LTPC include hydrostatic loads, ROV impact load, lifting and transportation loads and long-term temperature affects.

Multiple long-term pressure cap panels have been installed and are currently in use in the field.

DTI engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in the development cycle from concept through analysis of various loading scenarios to the manufacturing and installation support required to ensure general standards and client specifications are met.  With in-house fabrication and coating capabilities DTI controls all critical stages of execution from concept to delivery. Safety, quality and on-time delivery are our main objectives when executing projects to meet our client’s expectations.


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