HPU & HMI for Managed Pressure Drilling

DTI designs and manufactures HPUs and HMIs for the control of riser mounted hardware of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) systems.  The control system is designed to allow operator interface with the hydraulic functions that operate the RCD, opening/closing of the DSIT and the isolation valves on the flow spool. Flow meters are also incorporated into the system as needed. The control system also incorporates various pressure & temperature sensors, proximity sensors, positions indicators and other components as required that allow for the control and monitoring of the MPD systems.

The MPD HPUs typically have the following features:

  • Designed to meet DNV, ABS and/or API specifications as applicable to the system.
  • Certified to meet IECEx and/or ATEX requirements as specified by customer
  • Skid frame assembly designed for 4-point lifting
  • Structure certified to DNV 2.7.1 or other customer specified requirements
  • Primary and backup low-pressure air operated or electric motor driven pumps (typically 3,000psi)
  • Accumulator bank sized to provide sufficient fluid for closing the DSIT at the specified time and provide hydraulic power for all RCD and Flow Spool functions.
  • Dedicated regulator or DSIT operation
  • Regulator with required output range for RCD and Flow Spool functions
  • Relief Valves, Isolation valves, bypass valves, gauges, sensors and other instrumentation as required by application
  • Stainless steel reservoir with sight glass and low and low-low fluid level alarms.
  • Electric-pneumatic pilot operated 4-way selector valves for control of individual output lines mounted on control panel for all RCD, DSIT and Flow Spool Functions
  • Option to operate HPU locally or from remote HMI (typically located in drillers cabin)
  • PLC based control system for the operation of the HPU from HMI with the option of manual operation from the HPU mounted control panel.


The MPD HMIs typically have the following features:

  • Designed to control the operation of the MPD riser joint components including the RCD, DSIT, and Flow Spool
  • Zone rated per customer specifications and meets other 3rdparty specification as required by the customer.

Incorporates full mimic of system with failsafe functions built in with activity logs etc.


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