Flying Lead Deployment Systems

Deepsea Technologies, Inc. (DTI) designs and manufactures flying lead deployment systems for use with steel tube and hose flying leads as well as for flexible pipe flying leads. With the full capability to design, manufacture, assemble, test and support installation, Deepsea Technologies can provide unique solutions regarding the flying lead deployment frames.

The steel tube flying lead deployment systems can be configured horizontally (carousel type) or vertically (reel type). DTI has experience with manufacturing both types of deployment spools for use with 3rd party deployment systems.

DTI also manufactures powered deployment systems to deploy the flying leads offshore.

DTI engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in the entire development cycle from concept through analysis of various loading scenarios to the manufacturing and installation support required to ensure general standards and client specifications are met. With in-house fabrication and coating capabilities, DTI controls all critical stages of execution from concept to delivery. Safety,quality and on-time delivery are our main objectives when executing projects to meet our client’s expectations.