Clump Weight Locks

DTI provides customized special purpose equipment and tools to meet various offshore operational needs. With extensive experience both in engineering and offshore operations, DTI’s personnel can provide custom solutions to meet specific requirements.

Clump Weight Locks are used on steel catenary risers to keep them in tension.

In one application horseshoe type Clump Weight Locks were used on steel catenary risers to improve fatigue life on riser systems. The DTI designed Clump Weight Lock was locked with a set screw type locking mechanism to keep the Clump Weight Lock in place on the risers. The locking mechanisms were pre-installed on the horseshoe clump weights on either side of the legs. The design consisted of a housing with torque tool interface, a dog driven with a 2” end effector and a spring loaded handle on an over-centered cam to lock the dog in place. After the Clump Weight Locks are installed on the risers, an ROV torque tool interfaces with the housing and the 2” end effector to drive the dog until the jagged surface of the dog touches the OD of the riser. To keep the dog loaded onto the riser OD and prevent backing out, the ROV turns the spring loaded handle 90 degrees locking the dog in place.

With in-house fabrication and coating capabilities, DTI controls all critical stages of execution from concept to delivery. Safety, quality and on-time delivery are our main objectives when executing projects to meet our client’s expectations.