1”-10,000 PSI Hot Stab (w/ J-Lock) Hardware

Deepsea Technologies, Inc. ROV Hot Stab is a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution for the transmittal of fluids via an ROV. Rated for pressures of up to 10,000 psi, the 1” 10,000 Hot Stab offers superior fluid transmittal and subsea intervention tooling at a superior price. Receptacle and Dummy Stab are also available.

The Model 1” 10,000 Hot Stab is assembled in the DTI shop and is tested for up to 1.5X MAOP. Additional testing is available upon request. Custom fasteners handle, and mounting flanges are also available at the customer’s request.

Additional Adapters for the connection from the hose to the hot stab are also available. Specs for the 1” 10,000 Hot Stab are listed in the table below.


  • Pressure Balanced Design
  • Application Specific End Fittings / Connections
  • All 10k Hot Stab and Receptacle bodies are made of Nitronic 50 SS
  • All Dummy Stabs, Handles, and Fasteners made of 316 SS
  • Custom handles are available upon request
  • Hose Adapters available upon request.
  • Split Flanges for Panel Mounting the Receptacles are available
  • 100% Material Traceability
  • 100% Dimensional Inspection
1” 10,000 Single Port Hot Stab
Item Pressure Rating (PSI) Size Port J-Lock Connections Materials Seals
Hot Stab* 10,000 1” Single Yes Nitronic 50 Nitrile
Receptacle 10,000 1” Single Yes 316 SS Mounting Flange Nitrile
Dummy Stab 10,000 1” Yes 316 SS Nitrile